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Tale of two countries - London attacker a Pakistani and UK Cop Neil Basu an Indian

Londoner's were attacked on the 29th of November by an Islamic Terrorist called Usman Khan who spent his teen years in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Usman Khan was arrested in 2010 as part of a nine-man plot to bomb Big Ben, the London Stock Exchange and Westminster Abbey was out on payrole. He was shot dead on the spot by a team of London cops led by Indian origin Assistant Commissioner of Police Neil Basu.

WATCH VIDEO BELOW to see how the Islamic Terrorist 'Usman Khan' was shot dead

Neil Basu who led anti-terror operation, is an Indian origin officer whose father Pankaj Basu belongs to Kolkata, West Bengal.

Khan on the other hand became a terrorist soon after he visited Pakistan, studied in an Islamic Madrassa and got trained at a terror training camp in the Islamic Republic. He returned back to England to preach radical Islam and soon gained a large Muslim audience. Kahn's father is a Taxi Driver just like the rest of the Pakistani's in the UK.

According to UK Court Judgement, He had planned to establish a “terrorist military training facility” on land owned by his family in Kashmir.”

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