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Shameless Pak celebrates ‘Hangor Day’ for sinking INS Khukri in 1971 War even after losing half a country

The shameless Pakistani Navy celebrated December 9 as Hangor Day to honor Pakistan Navy’s Submarine Hangor during the 1971 war against India. In order to commemorate the 47th Hangor day, a ceremony was organized by the 5th Submarine Squadron.

On this day in 1971, the Pakistani Navy Submarine Hangor sunk INS Khukri. The naval action took place 30 miles southeast off ‘Diu Head’ on the west coast of India. The event is placed very high in the naval history of Pakistan being the first successful kill by a submarine after WW-II. On the other hand losing half their country will remain Pakistan's biggest shame for their generations to come.

To recognise their courage or probably sheer luck, the crew of Hangor was decorated with four Sitara-e-Jurrats, six Tamgha-e-Jurrats, and 14 lmtiazi Asnads. This is the highest number of operational gallantry awards given to a single unit of the Pakistan Navy as they have not achieved anything more than sinking a lone submarine.

The Pakistan Naval Forces had inadequate ships to challenge the Indian Navy on both fronts, and the PAF was unable to protect these ships from the Indian Air Force and Indian Naval Air Arm.

Pakistan claims, the moment Khukri went down, it crippled the Indian Navy’s confidence and its plans to attack Karachi. The sinking inflicted the largest number of causalities of the Indian Navy, 18 Indian officers, and 176 sailors were lost by enemy forces.

Soon after the sinking of INS Khukri, Operation Trident was launched where Indian warships attacked the west coast of Pakistan, sunk three front-line Pakistani Warships and destroyed the oil storage facility at the Karachi harbour, without a single Indian casualty. Karachi harbour was burning for days.

The battle continued for a few more days and Pakistan finally gave up with 93,000 Pakistani Soldiers surrendering to the Indian Army. This was the largest recorded surrender of an Army of any battle since WW-II.

Pakistan may have sunk one Indian Submarine but lost half their country that we proudly call Bangladesh.

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