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Pakistan's Renowned Physicist Calls Jinnah 'confused', Says Pak Born In State Of Confusion

Renowned Pakistani nuclear physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy in his recent speech in Karachi called the founder of his country Jinnah, 'a confused man', stating that because of his 'lack of vision', Pakistan was born in a state of confusion. The nuclear physicist who was in the limelight for saying that his country was becoming a 'fascist religious state' in 2017, made these recent comments during the "Adab Festival" in Karachi.

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"Jinnah, who we hold in such great regard, is the founder of Pakistan. But he never was able to put down what that Pakistan was to be. He never wrote a single research paper, he never wrote an essay. He gave a lot of speeches which are different times said very differently," Pervez Hoodbhoy said.

He also stated how Jinnah had envisioned Pakistan to just be a land where 'Islamic law will be applied.' "He (Jinnah) did not have an idea of Pakistan...When he was asked in 1945 that what will Pakistan be, he (Jinnah) said we have plenty of time. When we achieve Pakistan, we will see what is going to be," Hoodbhoy said.

'Pakistan born in a state of confusion' ::

He spoke about how the core fundamentals that build a country, were never discussed upon by Jinnah. There were no talks held on Pakistan being a federation or a non-federation or how the country would survive in a world where science and technology strengthen the nations. "We have no plans for that. So, Pakistan was born in a state of confusion," the physicist said.

"We have not been honest with ourselves in the last 73 years. We are not being honest now. Pakistan is in a state of confusion because it was born in a state of confusion," he added.

'Two-nation theory nonsensical' ::

Hoodbhoy also stated that the only basis of Pakistan as per Muhammad Ali Jinnah was that there will be only two nations that live on this subcontinent. "They are mutually hostile, they cannot ever live in peace. That was the first part. The second part is Muslims formed a nation," Hoodbhoy said.

"This is completely nonsensical. If Muslims formed a nation that could live at peace with every part of that nation, we would not have Bangladesh. We mistreated Bengalis. We thought of them as lesser people. We exploited them and we massacred them. We should have got rid of the two-nation theory. It makes absolutely no sense today. It is nonsense today."

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