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Indian Navy to soon get world's best submarine hunter helicopter

Preparations have begun for the Indian Navy to get infallible weapons to deal with the increasing interference of the Chinese Navy in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea.

The MH 60R, the Romeo Helicopter, purchased from the US is excellent in combating any submarine or warship.

Let us tell you, the submarine fleet is the weakest link of the Indian Navy and the deployment of Chinese submarine in the Indian Ocean is raising India's concern.

The decision to buy 24 Romeo helicopters at a cost of about 20000 crores was made during President Trump's visit to India in February.

A deal worth around Rs 7000 crore was signed on 15 February. The remaining price will be for the weapons and equipment used in the helicopter.

With the deal with Lockheed Martin, it has been agreed to give three Romeo helicopters designed for the US Navy to India. All three will be used for training Indian Navy pilots.

Romeo helicopters will start getting to the Indian Navy by next year. Let me tell you that the Indian Navy currently has a total of 16 submarines, including nuclear submarines.

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