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India’s DRDO displays remotely operated platform to defuse unexploded ordnance

The Research and Development Establishment (R&DE) laboratory of India's state-owned Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has displayed a remotely operated platform designed to handle and defuse unexploded ordnance.

Called the Unexploded Ordnance Robot (UXOR) the platform, which was exhibited during the 5-9 February Defexpo 2020 exhibition in Lucknow, northern India, has an operating range of 2,000 m line-of-sight and can handle unexploded ordnance of up to 1,000 kg and 1 m in diameter, according to the DRDO.

DRDO scientist Mridu Kant Pathak told Jane's that the UXOR uses a 7-axis manipulator arm with a 3-axis cutting mechanism that holds the cutting nozzle of an abrasive water jet cutting machine for in-situ munition 'case entry'.

The grappler mounted on the loader arm is used to handle the larger and heavier ordnance. The sensors on the UXOR include a series of 11 cameras for navigation and operation control, a laser, and an ultrasonic sensor-based system for nozzle alignment.

The complete unexploded ordnance disposal system includes the UXOR and a 6×6 carrier vehicle fitted with a master control station.

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