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IAF's new year greetings video rides high on patriotism, lauds air warriors - WATCH

The India Air Force extended new year greetings to the people with a video that rides high on emotion and patriotism, as it lauded the IAF's air warriors who guard the skies.

The nearly two-and-a-half-minute long video released on new year's eve by the IAF on Twitter has already clocked over 12,500 views, nearly 5,000 likes and more than 900 retweets.

The video, filled with powerful visuals, begins with a poetic narration in Hindi, amplified in its appeal with energising music.

The opening line praises the "profound patriotism" coursing through the veins of IAF warriors which can even "dwarf storms and tempests".

An air warrior wears a "smile filled with pride", and a "resolve to defeat the enemy", the narrator says in the video.

"I'm a warrior of the IAF, beating death is in my nature," says the narrator, underlining the bravery of the air warrior who guards the skies day and night.

The IAF's motto is 'Nabhah Sparsham Diptam!' (Touch the Sky with Glory!) and the air warrior "flies like an eagle", the video states.

The clip contains footage of operations undertaken by the IAF in the past, and the background score heightens the patriotic content.

"An IAF warrior dreams to born the same in the next life," the narrator says at the end of the video, as an airman salutes a flying jet.

"Indian Air Force wishes all a very Happy New Year 2020," the IAF tweeted with the video.

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