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Gurkha recruitment legacy of past, says Nepal; calls 1947 tripartite agreement 'redundant'

Calling Gurkha recruitment a legacy of past, Nepal Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali called the 1947 Tripartite agreement redundant and said that under the changed context some provisions are questionable.

It was the first window open for Nepali youths to go abroad. It created a lot of jobs in the society in past but in changed context some provisions are questionable, said Gyawali.

Gorkha soldiers from Nepal have been an integral part of the Indian Army for over six decades and currently, there are 39 battalions serving in 7 Gorkha regiments.

'In changed context some provisions are questionable'

Last year in December, Nepal said it wanted to review a military deal which allows its citizens to be enlisted in the British army. Gyawali had said that the government of Nepal should also be part of the recruitment process adding that the agreement should also consider other issues like pensions and other benefits as they are not at par with their British counterparts.

India and Britain can recruit Gurkhas as per the 1947 agreement between New Delhi, London and Kathmandu.

British East India first recruited Gurkhas after suffering heavy casualties during the Anglo-Nepalese War also known as the Gurkha War. The war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Sugauli in 1816.

'If anyone tells you he is never afraid, he is a liar or he is a Gurkha'
The brave Gurkhas have made immense contribution in defending India’s sovereignty and their regiments have actively taken part in all the post-independence wars like the Indo-Pak 1965 and 1971 Wars, 1962 Indo-China Conflict, 1999 Kargil War and peacekeeping missions in Sri Lanka.

With their bloodcurdling war cry 'Jai Mahakali, Ayo Gorkhali' and their trademark Khukri, the sight of a charging Gurkha is enough to send shivers down anybody's spine.

The legacy of the Gurkhas is such that Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, who himself had the privilege of serving with the 8th Gorkha Rifles, once said, “If anyone tells you he is never afraid, he is a liar or he is a Gurkha.”

The Gorkha Rifles also has the honour of producing three Indian Army Chiefs – General SHFJ Manekshaw, General Dalbir Singh and General Bipin Rawat.

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