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Gaganyaan: DRDO to provide special space food and emergency survival kit for ISRO’s manned mission

Special Space food, crew health monitoring and emergency survival kit is all going to be provided to the Indian Space Research Organisation’s Human Space Mission by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

According to officials, “Both ISRO and DRDO have an MoU in place to provide all necessary support for the Human Space Mission which includes critical technologies like radiation measurement and protection, parachutes for the safe recovery of the crew module and fire suppression system.”

Adding, “There is an agreement in place between the two agencies to provide technologies for human-centric systems and technologies specific to the Human Space Mission.” ISRO is already working on a Humanoid prototype (with a female form)for the Gaganyaan missions, which is expected to be sent out on a mission next year to test it out before actually sending humans in space.

In the unmanned mission scheduled for 2021, a Humanoid will carry out all tasks which a real human will be doing in Space is under development at ISRO and will monitor crew parameters, perform the Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) functions. Also, it is expected to copy all crew activity which would include the switch operations on a panel etc.

It will also be wearing a spacesuit which will help in understanding the efficacy in space flight in a real environment. Modifications are expected to be made based on the data collected.

Named `Vyommitra’ which will be embedded with Artificial Intelligence (AI) it shall also be expected to give its support to the crew in operations of Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS).

The Vyommitra which is being developed in a male form will later be modified as the IAF personnel who have been shortlisted for first manned Gaganyaan flight in 2022.

Besides, the DRDO, Institute of Aerospace Medicine (IAM) of the IAF is the nodal agency for aero-medical aspects of the mission and will also be managing the crew healthcare for the Human Space Programme.

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