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Escalation between India and China can be misused by outside powers: Russia

Russia “would like to avoid lack of trust between our independent partners India and China” because that can be “misused by outside powers” to create instability in the region.

Talking to ET, Russian deputy envoy to India Roman Babushkin told ET: “Moscow would like to avoid lack of trust between our independent partners India and China. Escalation between the two needs to be avoided for peace between the neighbours. The state of affairs here is a matter of regional stability, while escalation can be misused by outside powers in geopolitical purposes to create further alienation lines in the region.”

Expressing satisfaction that India and China used Moscow platform to hold dialogue on the sidelines of SCO foreign ministers meet, Babushkin said: “That’s another reason why regional platforms such as SCO and RIC are important. They help expand a common ground and serve the purposes of regional stability and sustainable development on the principles of consensus, undivided security and inclusiveness.”

Earlier on Friday, Russian foreign minister told a press meet that he was happy that he could provide his Indian and Chinese counterparts a platform for a “very well timed” meeting.

“We are very happy that Moscow has presented a platform to Russia, China and India to have this very productive, fruitful meeting whose goal is to stablise the situation on the border between India and China,” Lavrov said when a reporter sought his comments on the India-China roadmap to de-escalate tensions along their borders.

But it is not just the facilitation of a platform between India and China that Moscow has been working on. The Indo-Russian defence partnership that has over the years boosted India’s defence preparedness is acquiring new dimensions. Referring to this Russian Deputy envoy said, “Our defence partnership is unique. Export of jointly manufactured BrahMos missile to SE Asia is being pursued and bureaucratic issues are being addressed. Besides the Logistics Supply pact between the two navies will be signed at the next annual Summit.”

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