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Dogs are better than 'tukde tukde gang': Martyr's wife on JNU Scholar's anti-Army utterances

Hitting out at JNU scholar, Sajib bin Sayed for demonising Indian Army in his recent tweet, Nirmal Khanna, wife of a martyr, Sqn Ldr Ravi Khanna, demanded strong action against 'tukde tukde gang'. Fuming with anger she said people like Sajib should be tried of treason against the country.

For the past few years, university campuses have become the hotbeds of 'political activism' against the country itself. Such defamatory monologues by some vested interests against the nation have become the order of the day. It touched a new low yesterday when with an intent of maligning the image of the Indian Army, a JNU scholar Sajib bin Sayed tweeted against it, accusing it of genocide in Kashmir.

In this context, Pradeep Dutta, Senior Editor, Times Now spoke to Nirmal Khanna, wife of Martyr, Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna, who was killed by Yasin Malik and his gang in the early '90s, while unarmed Khanna and his colleagues were waiting for a bus at Baghat Chowk. This is what she said:

Pradeep Dutta​: A scholar from JNU in a tweet has tried to malign the image of the Army, blaming it for genocide in Kashmir Valley. How do you react to this?

Nirmal Khanna: I am feeling extremely distressed by these senseless utterances of a JNU scholar. He should be ashamed of himself for maligning the Indian Army. Moreover, it is painful to see these well-read people nurture hatred for the forces who are doing their duty of protecting the nation and its people.

Pradeep Dutta: Your husband sacrificed his life for the nation. So how painful is it to listen to such anti forces statements?

Nirmal Khanna: It is absolutely disheartening to come across such vilifying propaganda against the defence forces of our country. My husband sacrificed his life in the line of duty when he was targeted by the terrorists in Kashmir. However, these pseudo-intellectuals are blaming the Army to cover up the nefarious acts of terrorists killing innocents in Kashmir.

Pradeep Dutta: What action do you think should be taken against such people?

Nirmal Khanna: These people should be tried for treason against the nation. The government should take stern action against such persons who openly profess disloyalty against the country and are defaming the forces. Harsh punishment should be administered for such deliberate acts of conniving against the nation which would also serve as a deterrent for the future generations.

Pradeep Dutta: The whole world knows that Pakistan sponsored terrorism is wreaking havoc in Kashmir but such people give it a clean chit. What do you have to say in this regard?

Nirmal Khanna: Such people really need to hang their heads in shame. They live in this country yet keep on chanting the name of Pakistan. They defame the very forces which protect them from barbaric designs of Pakistan.

Pradeep Dutta: What would be your message for the 'tukde tukde gang'?

Nirmal Khanna: These gangs and people with such ideology should be ashamed of running a slanderous campaign against the forces who sacrifice their lives so that they can live in peace.

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