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Congress backs Gupkar Declaration, P Chidambaram calls abrogation of Article 370 'unconstitutional'

Backing Gupkar Declaration, senior Congress leader P Chidambaram has said that the grand old party “resolutely stands for the restoration of the status and rights of the people of J&K”.

Calling abrogation of Article 370 arbitrary and unconstitutional, Chidambaram said that the Centre must stop looking at the mainstream parties and the people of J&K as secessionist or anti-national.

“The arbitrary and unconstitutional decisions of the Modi government of August 5, 2019, must be rescinded,” said the former home minister in a tweet.

'Abrogation of Article 370 arbitrary and unconstitutional​'

Welcoming the coming together of mainstream regional parties of J&K to fight a constitutional battle to restore the rights of the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, Chidambaram said that this development must be welcomed by all the people of India.

Reacting on the new alliance of J&K political parties, the BJP alleged that the “Gupkar alliance” has been formed on directions of Pakistan and China and guided by “anti-India” forces, and warned that the alliance partners will have to face serious consequences for any “misadventure”.

On Thursday, mainstream political parties in Jammu and Kashmir held a meeting and formed the People's Alliance for Gupkar Declaration for the restoration of the special status of the erstwhile state calling for a dialogue between all stakeholders in the issue.

'Gupkar Declaration should be welcomed by all people of India'

Talking to the media after the meeting, former J&K CM Farooq Abdullah said the alliance will seek a dialogue between all stakeholders for resolution of the issue related to J&K.

“Gupkar Declaration will be renamed as People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration. This is a constitutional battle and we shall struggle for the restoration of what was snatched from J&K and Ladakh,” Farooq told reporters.

He further said that the alliance will meet again.

“We will also meet people from the other regions of the state for a broader discussion on the issues to be put before the people of the state as well as the Centre,” he added.

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