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Congress and Pakistan have a common goal - 'Defeat Modi in 2019 Elections'

Congress and Pakistan are both praying that the 'chowkidar' PM Modi should somehow lose the elections so that a mixture of Congress, PDP and the National Conference comes to power in Delhi.

It is not just the Congress Party that is desperate to throw Modi Govt. out of power but also Pakistan which is petrified with Modi's aggressive policies and weapons buying spree. The Modi Govt. has in the past 5 years upgraded India's Armed forces with fervour and all seriousness to make sure the country can stand upto a dual threat from both China and Pakistan together.

The Congress Party in the recent past during both Ground and Air Surgical Strikes have not only sided with Pakistan but also asked for proofs from the Indian Armed Forces on multiple occasions. They have more trust and sympathy towards our Islamic neighbor than our beloved Armed Forces.

The country's defence and security are not a priority for these three parties.

First time in decades there is a major army offensive in the Kashmir Valley where terrorists are being hunted day and night without a break. Pro-Pakistani Separatist leaders like Yasin Malik are rotting in jails along with 150 other Kashmiri rebels.

Modi is also leading an international offensive to black-list Pakistan for Terror Financing. With 28 conditions set my FATF, Pakistan is finding it impossible to get out of the CATCH-22 situation. It is just a matter of time before Pakistan is black-listed and branded as an Islamic Terror Factory of the World.

With both the Gandhi Family and Pakistan running out of funds to either fight an election or fund terrorism, they are desperate to throw MODI out of power and gain control over India's $2.7 trillion economy, a cash cow that funded Congress Party's multi-billion dollar scams. How else would Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law become an over-night billionaire ?

WATCH the VIDEO Below to see a LIVE DEMO of Congress Party's LOVE towards Pakistan.

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