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Chinese citizens, other nationalities living in China barred from flying to India

Chinese citizens and other nationalities living in China have been temporarily barred from flying to India, in wake of the coronavirus epidemic. This ban will take effect from all flights from Tuesday.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Monday issued “instructions regarding e-visa services for passengers holding Chinese passports and other nationalities residing in People’s Republic of China” to both India and foreign airlines.
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“All scheduled and foreign airlines engaged in international air transportation to and from India are required to ensure the following: Due to current developments, travel to India on e-visas stands temporarily suspended with immediate effect for holders of Chinese passports and the applicants of other nationalities residing in the People’s Republic of China. Holders of already issued e-visas may also note that these have been temporarily suspended and currently not valid”, the order issued by DGCA chief Arun Kumar says.

“All those, who have a compelling reason to visit India may contact the respective embassy of India or the Indian consulates, as well as the India visa application centres. This will apply to all flights departing Monday after 21:00 hours GMT (meaning 2.30 am from Tuesday),” it adds.

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