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China offers ‘training’ help to Indian military

In what could strengthen India, China bilateral ties, highest number of the Chinese Military Officers have been training in India. While the military ties are gaining tri-services colour, China has offered a large number of course vacancies for the Indian military personnel this year to train in their institutes.

India had offered the Chinese military four vacancies for undertaking two courses in India in 2018-19 and they have availed all the four.

Two Lieutenant rank officers attended course in Pune and two more are taking the training at Army Education Corps Training College and Centre at Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh.

One colonel rank PLA officer is undergoing yearlong prestigious course of the Higher Defence Management Course (HDMC) in Telangana.

India has been sending colonel rank officers from the Army. This year a captain rank officer (colonel rank equivalent) of the Navy is confirmed to attend Defence and Strategic Studies Course to China.

From 2007-2010 India has sent one officer. Three Army officers were sent in 2012 and last were 2016-17 that India sent one colonel rank officer for the Defence and Strategic Course to China.

The push from China has increased, the number of its officers attending the courses in Indian Army establishments has risen.

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