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China delays India’s third flight to Wuhan even as it clears flights from Japan & France

The Chinese claim that there is no delay in clearing third relief flight from India to Wuhan appears to be false as India first requested for flight on February 13 and the flight plan was submitted on February 15.

The date of flight proposed originally was February 20. The delay therefore appears deliberate, sources told ET.

In between the following flights have taken off from Wuhan 16 Feb for Japan; 19 Feb for Ukraine and 20th Feb for France.

“Indian nationals are waiting to be brought back from Wuhan. The uncertainty is causing anxiety and mental stress. China should grant clearance to the relief flight which can bring the Indian nationals back,” a source quipped.

India had announced that it will send Indian Air Force's largest plane, C-17 Globemaster, with medical supplies to Wuhan, and bring back its nationals as well as citizens from all neighbouring countries who were still stuck there on the return flight.

India evacuated 647 Indians, seven Maldivians and few Bangladesh nationals in two special Air India flights to Wuhan earlier this month.

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