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China To Buy Tentage Worth Rs 3 Billion For Winter Survival Along The LAC

As the military and diplomatic dialogue remain open between India and China, China indicates its persistence in withdrawing its troops from the LAC. After the inconclusive discussion of the seventh round of corps commander level meeting, China is now preparing for winter. Intelligence reports have revealed that China has signed a deal for the procurement of special tents worth about three billion rupees. These tents are being purchased for the winter of Ladakh.

According to reports, China has signed a special tents deal with Guangzhou Plato Plastic Company for 2 billion 94 crore rupees. These tents provide a comfortable place for soldiers to stay at altitudes above 15000 feet. These tents are being prepared for soldier halts, especially in dry and low oxygen areas.

Inside these tents are inbuilt arrangements to keep the tents warm and air flowing. Considering a large number of these tents, it is being speculated that China is not ready to reduce the number of its troops on LAC even in winter, and it is making necessary arrangements to maintain the number of soldiers through the winters.

The forces of China and India have been facing each other for the last five months. About 50 thousand soldiers are deployed face-to-face from both sides.

The temperature has started falling in these areas of Ladakh and it is expected that snowfall will start here by next week. In the coming days, the temperature here will go down to minus 40 degrees and then the biggest challenge will be to keep the soldiers safe here.

According to reports, Chinese soldiers have started falling ill due to cold. The Indian Army has also made all the necessary arrangements to protect its soldiers from the cold. Indian Army soldiers deployed along the LAC are undergoing routine health checkups to avoid casualties due to harsh weather conditions. Lack of oxygen and temperature dipping down to minus 40 degrees creates a challenge for human survival, especially on the mountain peaks.

Indian defence forces are well prepared for the deployment through the winters in the area. Officials said that the Indian Army is fully-equipped with special winter clothing and shelter even at the peaks. The date and agenda of the next WMCC meeting and next round of corps commander level talks will be decided soon and until any decision is taken, Indian forces will hold their positions with strong presence and morale.

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