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COVID-19: CSD canteens closed, soldiers told to maintain daily log under new measures by Indian army

Post complete lockdown declared in 82 districts across the country, the army has issued fresh advisory/measures for all military establishments/ cants/formations/units in the districts under lockdown.

All the CSD canteens have been shut forthwith with provisions instituted for groceries and essential items to be delivered to homes. All movement has been restricted with only personnel involved in essential services like medical establishments, fire, electricity/ water supply, communication, post offices and sanitation services are permitted to move.

In order to trace contact history the army has asked each individual to maintain a daily contact log. They have instituted this mechanism to help in maintaining social distancing, impose self-caution besides tracking contact history.

All these advisories and measures will not affect the tasks related to response to COVID-19.

Keeping the arising situation in mind, it has been decided that only bare essential sections and offices will function at Head Quarters in Delhi on a daily basis. Work from home has already been implemented.

The army had already instituted measures in phases to keep the negative effect of Coronavirus away from soldiers. All troops are getting screened during morning PT/parade/roll call.

A 34-year-soldier of the Ladakh Scout in Leh was confirmed positive for COVID-19 on last week.

The postings, temporary duties, conferences and seminars have already been postponed. Routine meetings and movements have been restricted with the provision of staggering office timings in practice.

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