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All you need to know about Indian Army's 44 Rashtriya Rifles

One of the soldiers of 44 RR (Rashtriya Rifles) - identified as rifleman Aurangzeb - has now been abducted while he was on the way home to Poonch for Eid. Since the start of this year, 44 RR has taken down 19 terrorists in its area of operations - the most by far by any Indian Army unit this year, making them a target for militants in the valley.

On the move
44 RR has been India's most successful counter insurgency unit this year. Based at Shopian in South Kashmir, the unit has been instrumental in the recent crackdown against terrorists in the valley prior to the Ramzan ceasefire.

Major encounters of 44 RR
44 RR took down Sameer Tiger the commander of terrorist outfit Hizbul Mujhahideen on April 30. The terrorist was gunned down less than 24 hours after he dared the local army company commander to come get him, in a video recorded and circulated on social media.

Always in action
Other major success include the gunning down of five terrorists in an operation in May, including Hizbul Commander Saddam Paddar.
There have been several attacks on the unit in recent times, including an IED blast on its convoy on May 28, while the ceasefire was on.

'There will be contact'
What makes the 44 RR stand out from other army units is its training ethos and the men who undertake the counter insurgency operations.
A motto of the unit is 'Aaj Contact Hoga' - the signboard that greets all soldiers leaving the 44 RR camp. This is a reminder to always be on the ready - to be prepared for a contact with terrorists in the field.

Efficient militant killers
The Rashtriya Rifles has gained a reputation in the valley as efficient militant killers. Their tactical approach has borne fruits with a number of militant organizations losing significant cadre strength.

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