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Aircraft Carrier Vikrant enters final stage of construction - 32 more Warships under construction

The Government of India has placed orders for a whopping 56 new warships and submarines that are in various stages of construction and will be inducted in a phased manner to augment the Indian Navy's overall prowess and dominance in the Indian Ocean.

India's first indigenous Aircraft Carrier 'Vikrant' has also entered its final phase of construction at Kochi shipyard. Plans are also afoot to soon place orders for Carrier Based Fighter Jets for the upcoming Aircraft Carrier. Induction of Vikrant will provide India true 'blue water navy' capability and will allow us to project a two carrier battle group on both the western and eastern seaboard.

Construction of India's 2nd indigenous Aircraft Carrier 'Vishal' is expected to start within a period of three years. Aircraft carrier has received the necessary impetus and it will be a CATOBAR, 65000 ton carrier.

Currently there are 32 warships and submarines in various stages of construction at various shipyards within India. Indian Navy Chief 'Sunil Lamba' said, 'By 2050, we will also have 200 ships, 500 aircraft and be a world-class navy.' He added, 'The Indian Navy is overwhelmingly ahead of Pakistan navy, while the balance of power in the Indian Ocean rests with India compared to China.'

'As far as Indian navy is concerned, we don‘t have two fronts. We have one and that is the Indian Ocean,' he said.

The Indian Navy has also successfully completed the first deterrence patrol of the Nuclear Submarine INS Arihant this year. With this India has operationalised the third and the most survivable segment of the country‘s nuclear triad.

On an average, four to five warships, including submarines, are normally inducted in a year. At this pace, India is on its way to become the third largest navy in the world.

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