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Aircraft Carrier INS Vikramaditya 'Locked-N-Loaded' - Current Location : TOP SECRET

Amid rising tensions between India and Pakistan, both the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force have seen action in the past few days. 12 Days after the Pulwama Attack which killed 40 CRPF Jawans, the Indian Air Force conducted surprise air strikes by bombing on Pakistani Terror Camps which killed more than 350 Islamic Terrorists.

Soon after that, the Pakistani Army started heavy shelling on the LoC which was retaliated by the INDIAN Army that led to the destruction of five Pakistani Army Forward Posts.

In the middle of all this the INDIAN NAVY has not seen any action in the past couple of days and has been kept on stand-by and at a state of 'READINESS'. India's front line Stealth Destroyers & Frigates along with the 1st Scorpene Submarine which has already joined the Indian Navy and the Nuclear Subs are all on active deterrent patrol, ready to strike Pakistan with unimaginable force.

The state-of-the-art P-81 Poseidons, recently acquired from the U.S. are armed to the teeth to hunt down Pakistani subs lurking in the waters of the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. The Brahmos Cruise Missiles loaded on front line warships can guarantee assured kills for the Indian Navy due to its shock-and-awe capability. Travelling at 3 times the speed of sound, It will give no time for the Pakistani Navy to react.

But there is one weapon in India's arsenal which can change the course of an Indo-Pak War in a matter of days. It is India's prize possession, the Aircraft Carrier 'INS VIKRAMADITYA'. Armed with a complement of 24 MiG-29K / KUB Fighter Jets, it is India's most deadly weapon and can effectively enforce a Naval Blockade of Pakistan within hours. INS Vikramaditya makes the Indian Navy the preeminent force in the Indian Ocean, better able to command an area of 300 sq. kms than any foreign competitor.

In the event of and all out war, INS Vikramaditya would lead the offensive at sea designed to sweep the Pakistani Navy from the field. The nightmare scenario for Pakistan would be Vikramaditya parked off the coast of Karachi, Pakistan’s largest port, enforcing a naval blockade. This has happened before and can be easily done again given the small size of the Pakistani Navy.

The war would come to an end without supplies reaching the Pakistani war machinery and depleted Forex Reserves. Ultimately it would be a total surrender as in every previous war.

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Article written by Darshil Patel exclusively for
Bsc. in CASFX - UK
Location - MUMBAI

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