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Afghanistan Army Killed 811 Pakistan Supported Taliban Terrorists In Last 13 Days

In last 13 days, 811 Pakistan Supported Taliban Terrorists were killed and 324 Terrorists were wounded as a result of continuous clearance operations. Huge quantity of Arms and Ammunition and Drugs were seized and vehicles used by Taliban were destroyed. These figures are provided by Ministry of Defense, Afghanistan during different press releases over the past 13 days.

As per the Press Releases by Ministry of Defense, Afghanistan on their official website, over past 13 days (16-July 2019 to 28-July 2019), Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, launched 141 joint offensive & clearance operations, and conducted 1178 Commandos, Special Forces operations in different parts of the country, in order to remove security threats, destroying the enemy’s sanctuaries and ensure better security to the people of Afghanistan, Afghan Air Forces conducted 1607 flights and carried out 244 airstrikes on enemies’ positions in support of these operations.

As a result, 811 Pakistan supported Taliban Terrorists killed (including some Pakistani Terrorists and Army Regulars that were fighting along with Taliban Terrorists) and 324 were wounded and 30 were detained.

Joint offensive & clearance operations – 141
Commandos, Special Forces Operations – 1178
Number of flights by Afghan Air Forces – 1607
Total Number of Airstrikes – 244
Number of Taliban Terrorists Killed – 811
Number of Taliban Terrorists Wounded – 324
Number of Taliban Terrorists Detained – 31

These operations were conducted with support of Resolute Support and Afghan Air Forces in, Ghazni, Wardak, Helmand, Kandahar, Uruzgan, Faryab, Zabul, Badghis, Takhar, Paktikah, Balkh, Sir-e Pol, Logar, Ghor, Kunar, Kunduz and Nangarhar provinces

During the operations huge quantity of Arms and ammunition were seized. Many vehicles belonging to Taliban Terrorists were destroyed.

As per the sources, ANDSF operations are continuous. These operations will continue every day and all year long. Taliban will remain on the run until they surrender or rejoin the modern Afghan society.

Taliban Terrorists Killed
Afghanistan Security Forces arrested a key Taliban commander “Ahmad Shah” along with 3 of his accomplices during Special Operation in Dangam District of Kunar province. Afghan special forced also seized some weapons and ammunition. We obtained the video showing the Arms and Ammunition recovered.

Meanwhile, ISIS Terrorist in Eastern Afghanistan also killed many Pakistan supported Taliban Terrorists in eastern Province of Nangarhar and seized lots of Weapons. One of the Terrorists was a Pakistan Army Regular. Afghanistan Security Forces recovered his ID card as an Evidence.

On 27-July 2019, Afghan Special Forces repelled a failed Taliban attack in Anar Dara District of Farah province, killing a Taliban commander and few of his Terrorist gang. As per sources, these Taliban terrorists were supported by Pakistan Army.

As per a source, “The security situation in some districts of Kandahar and Uruzgan provinces has deteriorated during the recent months.”

“Taliban Terrorists are active in some districts of the two provinces and often conduct terrorist related activities, killing civilians – women and Children.”

Meanwhile, the Afghan forces routinely conduct counter-terrorism operations against the anti-government armed groups in the two provinces.

The U.S. forces also conduct regular airstrikes in restive parts of the country to suppress Taliban and other anti-government militants.

Taliban Surrender before Afghanistan Forces ::

There is a continuous onslaught of Afghanistan Security Forces and regular Air strikes at Taliban hideouts. Taliban are leaving their hold on many areas and escaping. There is a growing enchantment in the Taliban ranks. Taliban are disappointed with their leadership who is sitting in Palaces while the ordinary people are instigated using the religious hate content to target Afghan civilians. Many Taliban Terrorists have laid their arms before the Afghan security forces and joining the peace process.

On 22-July 2019, 5 Taliban Terrorists laid down their arms and joined the peace process in Laghman Province in Afghanistan. We obtained a video showing the arms and ammunition recovered from the surrendered, Pakistan Supported Taliban Terrorists.On 23-July 2019, 20 Taliban Terrorists also laid down their arms before the Afghanistan Security Forces and joined the peace process in Eastern Province of Nangarhar.

On 24-July 2019, 17 Taliban including ISIS members joined the peace process in Eastern province of Nangarhar. They also laid down their arms in front of the Afghanistan Security Forces and joined the mainstream.

Taliban Terrorists Distributing the hate material to people
In the meanwhile, Taliban Terrorists continue to recruit more civilians. They were seen distributing their radical religious textbooks, audio books, leaflets in all of districts in Helmand province. Some of these Taliban Terrorists even have social media links to keep the Taliban Terrorists connected to the web internationally.

Recently Taliban Terrorists and their religious ministers visited schools in few districts of Herat province (Shindand, Farsi, Ghorian, Adraskan, and Pashtun Zarghun) and distributed radical hateful audio messages, books, leaflets, and imparted training to the new recruits on how to be active online.

Baloch and Afghan to unite to fight against common enemy ::

There are growing voices in Balochistan Nation as well as Afghanistan for unity between Afghan and Baloch people. People believe that Pakistan Army and its supported Terrorists are the common enemies of both the Nations. Pakistan is sending Taliban Terrorists to kill civilians in Afghanistan. Pakistan is also sending Death Squads (Terrorists groomed by Pakistan Army) to kill Baloch civilians and burn their villages.

As per people, both Balochistan and Afghanistan are the victims of Pakistan sponsored Terrorism. Both the nations should fight the Pakistan Army in coordination.

In a series of tweets on 24-July 2019, Baloch leader Bashir Zeb Baloch has said that its time for Baloch and Afghan to unite to fight for their identity against the common enemy.

In a series of tweets, the Baloch leader said that it seems highly likely that our region will soon be engulfed in an international war that is bound to heavily impact Balochistan and Afghanistan.

Bashir Zeb further said that the most plausible approach in this situation for both Afghan and Baloch nations is to further strengthen their alliance and fight the future adversaries together in order to protect national identity and achieve true freedom.

Normalcy in Kabul-Kandhar ::

Kabul is on the path of becoming a normal Capital city. One of the person said, “The removal of security check-posts, guns and blast walls from the main roads, gives the citizens some feeling of security. We are less scared. Thank you”On 17-July 2019, Ministry of Defense spokesperson Ahmadzai during a media briefing at the GMIC said, “Kabul-Kandahar is fully cleared of enemies threats and people can freely travel on this highway. Operations to clear all highways is ongoing.

President Trump Comment ::

During recent Imran Khan meeting with President Trump, while answering a question from a Pakistani Journalist, President Donald Trump replied:

“I think Pakistan is going to help us out to extricate ourselves. We’re like policemen. We’re not fighting the war. If we wanted to fight a war in Afghanistan and win it, I could win that war in a week. I just don’t want to kill 10 million people. Does that make sense to you? I don’t want to kill 10 million people.”

“I have plans on Afghanistan that, if I wanted to win that war, Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the Earth. It would be gone. It would be over in — literally, in 10 days. And I don’t want to do — I don’t want to go that route.”

“So we’re working with Pakistan and others to extricate ourselves. Nor do we want to be policemen, because basically we’re policemen right now. And we’re not supposed to be policemen. We’ve been there — we’ve been there for 19 years, in Afghanistan. It’s ridiculous. And I think Pakistan helps us with that because we don’t want to stay as policemen. But if we wanted to, we could win that war. I have a plan that would win that war in a very short period of time. You understand that better than anybody.”

His remarks evoked different responses in Afghanistan.

One Twitter user said, “Do not ever threat an #Afghan with violence, We will rise as one and we will face every threat the way we have taken on 1000s of previous ARMIES n CONQUERERS ,work with us to transform Asia but should u Threaten our existence everybody will be destroyed, not just us”

Another tweet said, “If religious fanatics want to take it the religious way one thing I can tell you is that they dont refer to #Afghans as “GODS AXE” for no reason in holy books. It’s because when GOD needs to straightened out an army, nation and/or an empire they send us. TAKE this however u want to”

Colonel Rahman Rahmani in a series of tweets said, “Let’s remember these 3 things when reacting to Pres Trump’s statement:”

“1- Trump is far away from diplomacy & his statements shouldn’t be taken for granted. He made worst statements on America’s stronger allies such as British & India. So, we r not the one & only state.”

“2- We must not let this statement to create division in our diplomatic approach to the US. Imagine, if we were instead of Americans who have been attacked by our president (Karzai Sahib) + 100 times. So, patient is needed on both sides.”

“3- Before fueling the tensions, we must think who benefits from them? Obviously, Pak who is sit to decide our fate in DC. Let’s work to take the ownership of peace & war. Let’s work to convince Trump admin that Pak will not adhere to its promises. A terror state can’t be trusted!”

Pakistan a safe haven for Taliban Terrorists ::

Pakistan has over the years offered a safe haven to Taliban members, who have targeted not just American forces but troops from all over the world who were part of NATO and the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. We covered about skepticism over US-Taliban talks at Doha in our previous article 606 Pakistan Sponsored Taliban Terrorists Killed, 284 Wounded In Last 8 Days

Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker, who has said he experienced Pakistani duplicity firsthand when the U.S. Embassy in Kabul was attacked—allegedly by what Crocker called “Pakistan-based insurgents”—said he views Trump’s outreach as part of an awkward departure plan that all sides will see through.

“I have had this sense from the start that by going into talks with the Taliban, without the Afghan government being there, we’ve effectively been saying, ‘We surrender.’ I see this as a pretty clumsily managed part of that overall endeavor,” Crocker told Foreign Policy.

Pakistan, Crocker added, may well induce the Taliban—who will be willing to go along—to accede to U.S. demands that the militants no longer attack U.S. forces, but that will only be a ruse to accelerate an American departure. And no matter what Khan might promise Trump, the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence agency and military will continue to oversee their active support of the Taliban, he said.

“They will look forward to the Taliban taking over the country,” Crocker said. “That’s been behind their almost two-decade refusal to clamp down on the [Taliban] leadership.”

Taliban at Doha accord ::

As per an Article World residing to pay high imprint for US president Donald Trump’s sordid romance with Pakistan PM Imran Khan

From the Doha Accord — the roadmap for peace talks signed early this month — it’s clear the Taliban isn’t on board, at least not yet. The English version of the accord assures Afghan women of their fundamental “rights in political, social, economic, educational, cultural affairs”. But the Pashtu version — that the Taliban insists is the official one — has no reference to women’s rights at all. The English and Dari versions of the Doha Accord do not have any mention of the withdrawal of foreign forces as a precondition for peace. The Pashtu version does.

Perhaps worse, the parties have agreed to “institutionalize [an] Islamic system in the country for the implementation of comprehensive peace”. This clearly suggests Afghanistan’s existing constitutional system, that claims to be based on religious principles, will be overthrown. In the Taliban’s view, moreover, an “Islamic system”.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Following a dialogue in Moscow early this year, a Taliban statement described the current Afghan constitution as “un-Islamic”, and labelled women’s rights “immoral”. And Taliban chief Haibatullah Akhundzada vowed in an Eid message to continue fighting until “ending the occupation and establishment of an Islamic system”.

Little imagination is needed to see why the Taliban isn’t willing to embrace a republican system. From a recent report from United Nations experts, among other sources, we know the Taliban works closely with global jihadist groups like Al-Qaeda, along with Pakistan’s Lashkar-e-Taiba. Younger Taliban commanders, ideologically committed to the global jihad, see anything short of total power in Afghanistan as a betrayal.

In large parts of Afghanistan, moreover, Taliban shadow governments already rule — their power cemented with generous revenue from narcotics trafficking and taxes on businesses. Few young commanders see sense in giving up that power for arrangements governed by legal norms, in which elections can change fortunes overnight.

Taliban greybeards like Abdul Gani Baradar, the outfit’s key negotiator in Doha would like to see the organisation leave politics altogether: Now that god has “given victory in the political and military fields,” he said, “instead of a desire for power, they should think about service to Islam”.

Zalmay Khalilzad — Trump’s Afghanistan policy czar — has, in the course of his long career, demonstrated formidable talent for defending the indefensible. Khalilzad has made clear to Trump that the ISI alone can coerce the Taliban into sticking with whatever deal it makes, at least until his re-election campaign is out of the way. Faced with crippling financial pressures, Islamabad has reason to cooperate — though no-one is sure if it actually has the power to enforce its wishes on the Taliban.

In a 1998 report, Physicians for Human Rights documented the Islamic Emirate’s war against Afghanistan’s women: The closing down of schools, the denial of medical care facilities, public floggings and institutionalized child-rape. It noted that men faced “extortion, arrest, gang rape, and abuse in detention because of their ethnicity or presumed political views”.

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