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‘No need for third party interference, we are capable of handling differences’: Chinese envoy slams Britain

China on Friday slammed the United Kingdom a day after British High Commissioner to India, Sir Philip Barton, said that his country is working with “long-term ally” US to deal with Beijing over the standoff with India and Hong Kong.

However, China condemned the UK diplomat’s statement and said that India and China are capable of handling differences and there was “no need for a third-party interference in the matter”.

“Noted remarks regarding China by British High Commissioner to India, rife with mistakes and false allegations. Boundary question falls within bilateral scope between China and India. We have wisdom and capability to properly handle differences. No need for third party interference,” Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong said in a statement on Friday.

Britain expressed qualms about China’s expansionist moves in Hong Kong and Taiwan, along with purported human rights violations against Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang.

“We do not have a border with China but we do have particular responsibility for Hong Kong. The new national security law which China imposed is a very clear and serious violation of UK-China joint declaration,” Barton had said.

The Chinese establishment is not too happy with that as well and claimed that “powers outside the region stir up territorial disputes”.

“Real challenges in South China Sea come from powers outside the region stirring up territorial and maritime disputes and undermining regional peace and stability. On Hong Kong affairs, China’s HK allows no foreign interference,” the Chinese envoy claimed.

The United States too had slammed the new security law and introduced the Hong Kong Autonomy Act, while the United Kingdom suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong in retaliation.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had earlier this week said that he had concerns about the new Hong Kong law and alleged human rights abuses of the Uighur community in China.

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