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‘ISRO played vital role in national security’

Narayana Inamdar, former scientist at Indian Space Research Organisation , Hyderabad and National Aeronautics and Space Administration at Maryland-USA, said that the India’s space capabilities helped its Armed forces acquire actionable intelligence on the trouble zones and terrorist launch pads that were destroyed during the recent surgical strikes by India’s military.

Addressing students at the inaugural function of the three-day Innovation Festival organised by the District Science Centre here on Tuesday, Mr. Inamdar said that after the surgical strikes, ISRO highlighted, for the first time its role in India’s national security.

There are also some recent surgical strikes where ISRO played a pivotal role by helping the Indian Army specifically target terror pads.

Former Deputy Director of National Remote Sensing Agency, ISRO, Hyderabad, Dilsukh Jain said it had launched several sounding rockets and GSLV-Mark 3.

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