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Philippines plans to procure Brahmos land-based supersonic anti-ship missile system from India

The development of BrahMos is based on the Russian made P-800 Oniks / Yakhont supersonic anti-ship cruise missile. The BrahMos propulsion is based on the Oniks, while the guidance system was developed by BrahMos Aerospace.

The first flight test involving BrahMos anti-ship missile was carried out on June 12, 2001, in the Interim Test Range in the state of Orissa, India.

The ship-based BrahMos missiles can carry a conventional semi-armour-piercing warhead of 200 kg. According to India, the Brahmos missile is claimed to be the fastest low-altitude missile in the world. It has a maximum firing range of 500 km.

The Brahmos missile is powered by a two-stage power-plant, with a solid-fuel rocket providing the first stage, accelerating the missile to supersonic speeds and with a liquid-fuelled ramjet as the second stage, accelerating it to a maximum speed of Mach 2.8.

Block III has advanced guidance and upgraded software, incorporating high maneuvers at multiple points and steep dive from high altitude. The steep dive capability of the Block III enables it to hit targets hidden behind a mountain range.

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