Indian Navy’s Dornier Aircraft Makes Maiden Landing at Hirasar Airport in Gujarat

Indian Navy’s Dornier Aircraft Makes Maiden Landing at Hirasar Airport in Gujarat

In a momentous occasion, the Indian Navy’s Dornier aircraft, a key asset of the Indian Naval Air Squadron (IANS) 314, achieved a significant milestone by completing its maiden landing at Hirasar Airport in Gujarat. This remarkable event was marked by a traditional water cannon salute, signifying the aircraft’s successful arrival at this vital location. Hirasar Airport plays a pivotal role as an important diversionary airport for the Indian Navy in Gujarat, while also serving as a crucial training ground for instrument-aided landings.

The arrival of the Indian Navy’s Dornier aircraft at Hirasar Airport was celebrated in a time-honored manner with a traditional water cannon shower. This ceremonial gesture symbolizes the aircraft’s successful initiation of operations at this strategically significant location.

Hirasar Airport holds immense importance for the Indian Navy’s operations in Gujarat. Serving as a diversionary airport, it plays a critical role in ensuring the uninterrupted flow of naval activities in the region. Additionally, the airport’s facilities facilitate training exercises focused on instrument-aided landings, essential for enhancing the skills and preparedness of naval aviators.

The Defense Public Relations Officer (PRO) in Gujarat proudly shared images of this historic event on social media. The images capture the aircraft’s arrival and the traditional water cannon salute, highlighting the significance of this moment for the Indian Navy and the nation.

This achievement follows the recent handover of a substitute Dornier-228 maritime surveillance aircraft by the Indian Navy to the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF). The ceremony took place at the SLAF Base Katunayake and was attended by dignitaries, including Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Gopal Baglay and Sagala Ratnayaka, the Chief of Staff and Senior Adviser to the President on National Security of Sri Lanka. The gesture underlines India’s commitment to bolstering international ties and cooperation in the field of defense.

It’s worth noting that the originally gifted Dornier-228 maritime surveillance aircraft is currently undergoing yearly maintenance in India, reflecting the commitment to ensuring the operational readiness of these vital assets.