Indian Navy Issues Cybersecurity Warning Amid Growing Threats to Defence Personnel

Indian Navy Issues Cybersecurity Warning Amid Growing Threats to Defence Personnel

In a stark warning, the Indian Navy has alerted its officers and their families to the escalating cyber threats targeting them, as cybercriminals seek to extract sensitive information from military personnel. This advisory comes as Indian defense personnel, including organizations like the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), find themselves increasingly in the crosshairs of threat actors due to their frequent interactions with sensitive data.

The naval advisory, issued last month, revealed that not only are government agencies at risk but the personal devices of Naval personnel and their families are also prime targets for cyberattacks aimed at extracting valuable information. It emphasized that many cybersecurity incidents remain unreported or underreported, leading to inadequate analysis of such incidents and hindering efforts to combat cyber threats.

One significant concern highlighted in the advisory is the targeting of mobile devices, including smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets, by malware specifically designed for these platforms. The Navy cautioned its personnel about cybercriminals employing tactics like fake calls and enticing users to install malicious apps to deploy such malware.

To safeguard against cyberattacks, the Navy recommended several measures, including keeping operating systems and apps updated, using trusted chargers and cables, and being cautious of potential threats from external sources. It also advised disabling advertisement tracking on Android and Apple iOS devices to limit the tracking and profiling of users by advertisers and data brokers.

This advisory is a response to the evolving threat landscape in which cybercriminals are increasingly targeting individuals and organizations associated with the Indian defense sector. Recently, reports surfaced of the DogeRAT malware being circulated by a cybercriminal group via Telegram, masquerading as legitimate applications. DogeRAT can compromise devices, steal information, and even capture photos from infected smartphones.

In this environment of heightened cyber threats, the Indian Navy’s advisory serves as a timely reminder of the importance of cybersecurity vigilance and preparedness, not only for the military but also for individuals and organizations at risk of cyberattacks in an increasingly digital world.