US Congress will approve the transfer of India’s GE-F 414 jet engine technology.

US Congress will approve the transfer of India’s GE-F 414 jet engine technology.

The Biden Administration has just informed the US Congress of its intention to transfer technology for the production of GE-F 414 jet engines in India, marking a notable step in strengthening defense cooperation between the two nations. The purpose of this technology transfer is to provide assistance for the manufacturing of the LCA Mark II aircraft by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) in India. The notification, which was delivered to Congress on July 28, represents a significant development in India’s defense capabilities and promotes bilateral defense cooperation.

The agreement, with an estimated worth of around $1 billion, encompasses the complete technology transfer of the GE-F 414 jet engines. As a component of the deal, General Electric (GE) would facilitate the transfer of 80 percent of the technological know-how necessary for the production of the engine within the Indian manufacturing sector. The integration of this technological advancement will empower India to achieve domestic production of engines, hence enhancing the nation’s self-sufficiency and indigenous manufacturing capabilities within the defense industry.

Several Indian aircraft, notably the LCA Mark II, the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) prototypes, and the Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF) intended for Indian aircraft carriers are expected to be powered by the GE-F 414 jet engine. It is anticipated that the integration of this modern jet engine into these aircraft models will augment their operational efficiency, range, and capabilities.

The LCA Mark II, equipped with the GE-F 414 jet engine, is anticipated to significantly enhance India’s defense fleet. This aircraft, which offers greater agility, maneuverability, and combat readiness, is anticipated to play a crucial part in enhancing India’s air defense capabilities. Furthermore, the technology transfer agreement establishes the foundation for the advancement and manufacturing of increasingly advanced aircraft types, including the AMCA and the TEDBF.

Mansi Arora, Roorkee