HAL Begins F-414INS6 Engine Price Negotiations with GE Aviation, Eyes 80% ToT

HAL Begins F-414INS6 Engine Price Negotiations with GE Aviation, Eyes 80% ToT

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is now engaged in the commencement of price talks for the acquisition of GE Aviation’s F414INS6 engine. This strategic effort aims to bolster India’s defense capabilities and foster self-sufficiency within the aerospace industry. The confirmation is provided by CB Ananthakrishnan, the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of HAL, in an exclusive interview with the Economic Times.

The F414INS6 engine holds significant importance within India’s defense architecture as it serves as a vital element for propelling sophisticated fighter aircraft such as the Tejas Mk2. The collaboration between HAL and GE Aviation in this engine agreement not only represents a significant cooperation, but also demonstrates the fundamental principles of technology transfer and information sharing, which are vital for the advancement of domestic aerospace technology.

As per the agreement, GE Aviation would be transferring a substantial chunk of engine technology to India. The agreement involves the transfer of about 80% of the engine technology, which includes advanced components such as hot end engine coating, crystal blades, and laser drilling technology.

This collaboration represents a notable progression from the agreement established in 2012, wherein the technology transfer rate was agreed at 58 percent. Ananthakrishnan further said that GE Aviation has been requested to provide updated prices for the engine following receipt of legislative approval from the US Congress. The anticipated approval, expected for later this year, will facilitate the progression of the engine agreement.

Furthermore, HAL seeks to engage Indian private sector enterprises in the supply chain of the engine ecosystem. This strategic approach not only serves to broaden the supply chain, but also guarantees the timely execution of the engine delivery program, efficiently adhering to established timetables.

By Mansi Arora, Roorkee