Pakistani defence installations are edging closer to the international border with India. According to sources, some of the new constructions include a double-decker bunker opposite Gurdaspur, less than 200 metres from the border. 

A new construction is coming up at Tanga, opposite the Ferozepur region only 250 metres from the IB.

The Pakistani security forces are building an observation tower at Ladheke, also opposite Ferozepur, about 300 metres from the IB.

Two bunkers are being constructed, both in the Toti area on the Pakistani side, both close to Amritsar about 400 and 800 metres from the IB.

To add to that, there are reports of Pakistan security forces installing and operating a wide-band interception system at Ghunnewala, about 4 km from the IB. This is an effort to intercept Indian radio traffic

The construction comes in the wake of the end of cross-border firing along the line of control. With a cease-fire in place along the LOC, is Pakistan planning something sinister along the International Boundary?

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