The Israel Aerospace Industries defense contractor said on Monday it had successfully completed live fire trials of a new long range defense missile.

The Barak extended range interceptor can take out airborne threats at a range of 150 kilometers (93 miles), the company said.

The missile, part of the firm’s family of Barak interceptors, is launched vertically and includes a rocket motor, a booster, and a radar homing seeker.

The range was extended by adjusting other interceptor missiles and radar capabilities.

“The combination of several interceptors in a unified launcher and the inherent modularity of the Barak system provide an optimal response for the future battlefield,” IAI president and CEO Boaz Levy said in a statement after the test.

The Barak system provides an integrated defense against an array of potential simultaneous aerial threats fired from different sources and ranges, the company said.

The extended range interceptor reaches an altitude of 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) and can defend against threats including fighter jets, cruise missiles, drones, helicopters and gliding bombs.

It is deployed in a launcher with eight missiles and can be used on land or at sea.

Israel Aerospace Industries, the nation’s largest aerospace and defense firm, develops and manufactures advanced systems for air, space, sea, land, cyber, and homeland security.

The firm has worked with India’s military and in 2019 won a $777 million contract to supply India with a maritime version of the Barak-8 missile defense system.

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