China’s Retiring General Revealed China’s Greatest Military Weakness

China’s PLA Army Gen. He Lei is one of the most senior officers in China and attends defence conferences for China. While speaking at Shangri La Defence Conference at Singapore he revealed his greatest regret and also china’s greatest military weakness.

China has built a massive army and navy after the embarrassment of Japan’s occupation of China, China has emerged as one of the strongest military powers of the world and they are focusing on surpassing the US.

China has world’s largest army, wide spy networks, and a few cyber theft attempts to other nations, China has still something missing that they haven’t done from many years.

While the U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis blasted China for intimidating and forceful measures on South China Sea and said that US will see that China will meet with consequences if they don’t control their aggression.

The Chinese general revealed one hard truth about the biggest weakness of Chinese military is inexperience. The PLA Army which is owned by Chinese govt. has not fought a real war, leaving Vietnam war. All the other top militaries, US, China and India have been engaged in constant battles on hostile environments.

China has builds and planes to expand it’s navy and airforce but many defence analysts believe that it’s just the hype. It is still not clear if the Chinese soldiers (who have been taken by compulsion) will fight with same vigour and will as any other forces.

The General He Lei’s comment led some of the defence spokesperson into laughter and he was responded by few veterans. “Perhaps the general should hope his children can have the same regret in 2048,” retired U.S. Marines Corps Lieutenant General Wallace Gregson as reported by The poch times.

General He Lei also said, “Harmony is important to us. In China, we eat with chopsticks, you have to use them both harmoniously to bring food to your mouth. In the West, you eat with a fork and a knife. It is a kind of tearing apart.” as tweeted by Aaron Connelly.

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