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Sunday, February 06, 2011
By : Defence News Admin
"Indian FGFA will be real challenge for American F-22" claims German Defense Expert Helmut Hirsch.
  • "Indian FGFA will be real challenge for American F-22" claims German Defense Expert Helmut Hirsch. He said that FGFA which will be based on T-50 / Pak-FA will have major design changes to its fuselage due to twin pilot configuration and Indian Expertise in Composite will only enchance Stealth characters of the Aircraft.

    MR Hirsch believes that Russians have compromised on stealth to keep the aircraft more maneuverable and under a tight budget to keep per aircraft cost under control, Russians simply cannot afford to have such an expensive plane in large numbers, but the Indians don't seem to be worried about the cost and will be doing 30% of the design changes to improve stealth characters of the aircraft.

    When asked if the Indian Version will be more stealthy ? MR Hirsch seems confident on that matter. MR Hirsch also believes that real challenge for F-22 will come from the Indian FGFA rather than F-35 or Chinese J-XX. MR Hirsch also adds that the Indians will add the best of technology (Avionics / Radars / Weapons) from the west in their version which makes it even more lethal than the F-35 and a real challenge for F-22's Superiority.

    MR Hirsch also added that the F-22 is an excellent aircraft but production of it which will stop just under 200 makes any one believe that aircraft has some real issues which have been kept under wraps but issues of rusting in airframe has already surfaced and recent reports of the USAF already looking for F-22 Replacement by 2030 all points to that direction.

    MR Hirsch was also critical of F-35 and slammed it for being over priced and expensive, and also went on to say that European countries who will ultimately purchase it and are partners in the program could have built among themselves a better 5th Gen fighter just like Euro-fighter which he believes can take on F-35 in BVR fight .

    If this is what the German Defense Expert says and is true then the FGFA would be more advanced to what even the Russians will field.

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