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WATCH : Can India and Japan Thwart China Together?

In the latest episode of our series on India’s foreign dealings, we turn our eye to Japan. Since the turn of the millennium, New Delhi and Tokyo have become increasingly closer as economic and political ties have deepened. This has been borne out in a series of projects in both India and abroad.

In 2006, India allocated a space near the Rajasthani city of Neemrana as a special zone for Japanese companies. Today multiple such companies work in the area providing over 10,000 Indians with jobs. Additionally, the fact that the most authentic Japanese food in India is found on a small stretch of land on the NH8 is exactly the type of useless trivia we all love!

Japan has also invested heavily in our infrastructure. Aside from the heavily publicised bullet train deal, they are also helping to build the Delhi-Mumbai economic corridor, as well as the proposed Bengaluru-Chennai economic corridor. Even the private sector is kicking in. Softbank has invested heavily in a lot of Indian startups including, including big players like Ola and Flipkart.

The unique compliance of India’s and Japan’s economies has helped move this partnership into Africa as well. With Japan’s impressive advancements in technology and infrastructure, and India’s capability of facilitating mass adoption of said technologies through cheaper and quality alternatives, the two countries have been able to push through developments via the Asia Africa Growth Corridor.

This strategic partnership between India and Japan has its roots in the diplomatic conflict both countries have had with a common neighbour – China. If New Delhi and Tokyo can continue to work together in important ways, they may just have a chance of limiting Beijing’s influence in the East China Sea, the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean and the African continent.

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