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This Is Islamic Pakistan's Way Of Celebrating EID : More than 187 dead in less than 48 hours

Its EID Celebrations across the world and Pakistan continues to suffer from either terrorist attacks or accidental explosions. In less than 48 hours more than 187 people have died across the country.

In multiple attacks in Pakistan’s three major cities on Friday — the last of the Holy month of Ramzan — at least 62 people were killed and 100 others injured.

A suicide bombing in Quetta killed 13 including 7 policemen and seriously injured 21.

Hours after the attack, twin explosions went off in Pakistan’s northwestern town of Parachinar bordering Afghanistan in which 45 Shia Muslims from Pakistan's minority community were killed.

Later on Friday evening, two armed men on a motorcycled opened fire on security personnel in Karachi, killing four — an assistant sub-inspector was among those killed.

Soon after at least 125 people were killed as an oil tanker caught fire after it overturned in Bahawalpur's Ahmed Pur Sharqia on Sunday morning, Deputy Commissioner Rana Mohammad Saleem Abdul said. The overturned tanker is reported to have exploded after fuel leaking from its damaged container caught fire.

In total, more than 187 dead and hundreds have been injured in Pakistan alone during EID festivities. While the World happily celebrates EID, Pakistan bleeds under terrorism which it proudly uses as a state tool to counter India.

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