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Thanks to RUSSIA : India in advanced stage of joining Wassenaar arrangement

India is in advanced stage of joining Wassenaar arrangement and the decision could come as early as Thursday in what would be an acknowledgment for Delhi's non-proliferation record.

"Wassenaar arrangement…, India could join, as the decision is being taken Wednesday and Thursday. The positive action could be taken tomorrow, fingers crossed. This is an example and reflection of Russia’s unwavering support to India’s membership of international nuclear control regimes," Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey A Ryabkov told a select group of reporters after his meeting with Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar here on Wednesday.

"We discussed the issue of NSG and India’s prospective membership during the meeting. Russia is a firm and consistent proponent of India’s membership at control regimes. If everything goes as planned, we will see India being accepted in Wassenaar. We know the particular problems in further processing of India's NSG membership. Russia has been very supportive of india’s impressive and impaccable record in non-proliferation. It is different from some other countries that only speak of support, Russia takes steps to help and actions speak more than word. Difficulties still remain, we are speaking of this to everyone and the Chinese...Pakistan has applied for membership at NSG as well. We recognise the face that there is no prospect for any unanimity with respect to the Pakistani application so it is not possible to interlink these two," noted Ryabkov without mincing any words.

In July 2016 India joined Missile Technology Control Regime and has also applied for joining Australia group -- another export control regime. India’s export controls are in line with the Wassenaar Arrangement, one of the four non- proliferation regimes that prohibit the export of items of dual- use technology. In April rhe government came out with a Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment and Technologies (SCOMET) list.

The notification came into effect on May 1. Export of dual-use (which can also be used for proliferation purpose) items and technologies is either prohibited or is permitted under a license. In foreign trade policy, dual-use items have been given the nomenclature of SCOMET. Category six of the Scomet list now recommends the Wassenaar Arrangements munitions list and the Wassenaar Arrangement dual-use list items.

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