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Thank God we don't have 'Quota System' in the Armed Forces

The Centre’s move to bring 10% reservation for the economically backward is unlikely to affect the armed forces because they are exempt from any kind of quota system. Recruitment of jawans and commissioning of officers into the services are based on merit. Officials also said that the defence ministry has not consulted the services over the matter.

Several defence officials explained that although the reservation is for government jobs, the services such as the Army will not come under it. “There is no reservation in the Army, nor are there likely to be. The Army is exempt from it, so the new quota is unlikely to affect it,” one of the officials said.

“The armed forces don’t face the effect of reservations. They don’t honour reservations. The selection into the forces is based on merit,” said another official. “Even in regard to officers, the armed forces follow a pyramidal structure.”

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