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Russia May Sell 48 Mi-17 Helicopters to India

Russia’s state-owned helicopter manufacturer may produce several dozen flying machines for the Indian market. The deal is currently underway, according to an industry source.

Russian Helicopters is prepared to sign a contract to export 48 Mi-17-V5 helicopters to India. A source within the company confirmed to Sputnik that the deal, which the company is preparing in cooperation with Russia's Rosoboronexport agency, is currently underway:

"We are looking forward for the buyer's final decision to sign the contract. After that we can start executing it," the source added.

The Mil-17-V5 military and transport model, which is equipped with the new Klimov VK-2500 turboshaft engine, is part of the Mil-17 family of multipurpose helicopters. A total of 12,000 Mi-17s have so far been delivered to clients in 110 countries.

Russian Helicopters is a state-owned helicopter design and manufacturing company headquartered in Moscow.

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