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Rider clause added to the Agreement - Russia can never sell S-400 Systems to Pakistan

According to the latest report by the BBC, India added a rider clause in the agreement which was recently signed between India and Russia for the advance S-400 Missile System. The rider clause prevents Russia from selling the S-400 Missile System or any similar or advance Air Defence System to Pakistan under any circumstances.

The Pakistani Military had recently expressed their desire to acquire a set of S-400 Batteries from Russia to bolster its conventional firepower against the far superior Indian Armed Forces. The rider clause permanently puts an end to Pakistan's dream of acquiring the S-400 system.

3 months ago, India signed the Rafale deal valued at $8-bn and a second deal this week valued at $5.4bn for five S-400 Systems. Such high value arms acquisitions are only fantasy dreams for a country like Pakistan that is selling 'cars' and 'buffaloes' to pay international debt. Its Forex Reserves are falling at an alarming rate and they currently stand at $8.4 billion. Forex Reserves of their smaller sibling Bangladesh that gained independence from Pakistan (thanks to the Indian Army) just 47 years ago stand at $31.96-bn.

The IAF has future plans to acquire five additional S-400s or may be even the S-500 systems from Russia to insulate the country from the entire spectrum of a two-front attack from both China and Pakistan.

Apart from the S-400, India has made tremendous progress in its very own long range BMD (Ballistic Missile Defence) system. The indigenous Air Defence System will act as a force multiplier to the S-400 and the current network of Air Defence Weapons.

Thanks to the pro-active Govt. of India that Pakistan will never be able to acquire the S-400 from Russia and will have to once again rely on cheap Chinese products which comes with no warranty or guarantee.

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