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Narendra Modi has committed 'strategic blunder' by revoking Article 370: Imran Khan

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on Wednesday said that his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi has committed a "strategic blunder" by revoking Article 370 as the move has"internationalised" Kashmir issue.

"I believe that Narendra Modi has committed a strategic blunder. He has played his final card. This will cost very heavy to Modi and the BJP because they have internationalised the Kashmir issue," Khan said while addressing the Legislative Assembly here on the occasion of 73rd Independence Day of Pakistan.

"I raised the issue of Kashmir at the OIC and with President (Donald) Trump, but the people had no idea what was happening in the Kashmir," he added.

Calling himself the ambassador of the Kashmir issue, Khan said that he would raise the matter on every international forum, and take it to the United Nations as well as the International Court of Justice.

"We will go to the United National. We will go to every global forum, as well as the International Court of Justice. We are mobilising the global community of Kashmiris and you will see a historic number of people coming out," he said.

Khan said that Pakistan needs to make the world realise that the ideology of the RSS is exactly like Nazis and that the India of today is no more tolerant, plural, or secular as it once was.

"We have to make the world realise that the ideology of the RSS is exactly like the Nazi ideology. After World War II, the world made a collective decision that such genocide would never be repeated. The RSS ideology is heading that way again," Khan said.

"This is the ideology that has done ethnic cleansing in the world, that has created wars. People have no idea how much India has radicalised. It is no longer a plural or secular society. The facade of a tolerant India has been removed," he added.

He went on to say that the goons of the RSS are lynching people, threatening judges, intellectuals, and deeming anyone who speaks against them as anti-nationals, which is "exactly what the Nazis did. India is heading towards disaster with extremist ideology".

Khan said that by revoking Article 370 that gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir, the Indian government has gone against their Constitution, the verdict of their Supreme Court, as well as the Kashmir High Court. "When a country's law and order and human rights are diminished, it becomes a banana republic."

He added that this "hateful ideology" will not remain limited to Kashmir and eventually spill towards Pakistan.

India's historic move has rattled Pakistan, following which it has undertaken a series of decisions, including downgrading bilateral relations with India and suspending bilateral trade, halting Samjhauta and Thar Express trains from its side and banning Indian movies in Pakistani cinemas.

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