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MS Dhoni Sizzles in Indian Army's Shooting Range in Kashmir - WATCH VIDEO

Former India skipper MS Dhoni is in Kashmir where he is serving his army regiment. Dhoni is not only garnering a lot of eyeballs but is also engaging himself in doing good for cricket to flourish in the state. He has decided to open a cricket academy where aspiring cricketers can come and sharpen their skills. From singing to polishing his own shoes, Dhoni has been seen doing many things since he joined the regiment. In his latest act, Dhoni was spotted in the shooting range where he was seen taking a few shots.

Not just that, he also won hearts by obliging army officers to selfies.

Meanwhile, a source, while speaking to, has now revealed that MS Dhoni played with a finger injury in the World Cup and is yet to get it scanned as well. “Dhoni injured a finger during India Vs England match. However, he continued to be in the game even after the injury. The intensity of the damage is so high that it is speculated to be a hairline fracture. It’s hurting the former captain of India so much that he cannot even close his fist,” the source said.

It is believed that Dhoni will unfurl the tricolour on Independence Day. While speaking to one of the media agencies a senior officer said, “Dhoni is a brand ambassador of the Indian Army. He has engaged in motivating members of his unit and has often been playing football and volleyball with the soldiers. He is also undertaking battle training exercises with the corps. He will remain in the valley till August 15.”

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