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J&K Police seeks Twitter's help after Pakistani leader Rehman Malik posts fake video claiming Indian Army using helicopter gunships in Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir Police on Tuesday took a serious note of a fake video posted by former Pakistan minister Rehman Malik who had earlier in the day tweeted that the Indian Army was using helicopter gunships to fire at the residents of the union territory. The police also sought Twitter's help in the fake video case.

Malik's brazen attempt trying to malign the Indian Army came even as Pakistan has been internationally isolated on Jammu and Kashmir. Malik tweeted that the people of Jammu and Kashmir had sent him the videos of the alleged firing from helicopter gunships. He posted more fake news that the "attack" killed many residents of the newly formed union territory. He also called upon the international human rights bodies, media and US President Donald Trump to take notice if this alleged attack. Malik further sought the mediation of Trump and action by the United Nations (UN).

Malik also targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and slammed the Indian Army. Replying to a comment calling him a liar, Malik vented out by saying that "PM Modi will be tried as war criminal under Rome convention". He further resorted to accusations adding that "India is being pushed to become a Hindu Taliban state where you all will be converted into RSS under RSS- ism doctrine of BJP and PM Modi".

He requested the twiterrati to retweet the fake video and "expose Indian genocide in Kashmir". He also claimed that the people of the UT have been demanding their right of self-determination as per the UN resolution.

Malik also challenged the Indian government to deny the video clip that he posted.

"President Donald Trump UN and other human rights bodies to take notice of this Indian gunship attack on innocent Kashmiris who are demanding their right of self determination as per UNO resolution. Indian Army have used Gunship helicopters to attack villages in IOK #Kashmir With complete blackout, brave Kashmiris r managing to send the videos . This attack left dozens of men, women & children killed.where is the mediation of President Donald Trump & action by UN. I request all on twitter to please retweet with your comments to expose Indian genocide in Kashmir -India got to stop this Genocide. I appeal to the entire INT media including Pak & Indian Media to please televise this video clip to expose these killings by PM Modi Butcher of Gujrat & Indian Army. Ask your govt to deny this clip if they can. Soon PM Modi will be tried as war criminal under Rome convention -Ur country is being pushed to become Hindu Taliban State where you all will be converted into RSS under RSS- ism Doctrine of BJP/ PM Modi," tweeted Malik.

Pakistan has been making repeated attempts to target India on the international platform by levelling accusations since the announcement by PM Modi-led NDA government to end the special status granted to Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370. But all such efforts have failed to yield any positive result with all the major powers and the United Nations Security Council refusing to intervene and instead backeing India's stand.

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