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Is Islamic Pakistan systematically annihilating its Hindu and Christian Minorities?

Three Hindu girls are being raped and forced to convert to Islam every day in the Sindh province alone, of Pakistan[1]. This ominous statistic should ring alarm bells in every Sanatani’s ears around the world. As soon the girls turn 16 or so, they are forcibly taken away from their homes, over the protests of their parents and many a time the whole village takes turns raping them and finally they are converted and married off to either someone significantly older or a mentally retarded person.

Essentially their future is doomed.

Over 7 million Hindus still live in Pakistan ::

Mostly in rural Sindh and Punjab live around 7 million Hindus, in fear of the day they too would be forced to convert or fall prey to fanatics. Steadily declining governance, with implicit support from the army (the entity that really runs Pakistan), has meant that the beleaguered minority community is at the mercy of the oppressive majority. The Indian government has been issuing citizenship to those applying for refuge but this is a trickle (about 1000 a month) compared to the flood that is overwhelming the Hindus, who have equal rights to the land they call their own. But the Left Liberals in India as well as dyspeptic armchair South Asia experts in the United States Council for Individual Religious Freedom (USCIRF) ignore the plight of Sanatanis where they are in the minority and instead search for the one-off occurrence of a perceived attack on a Muslim in India and amplify it till one’s ears go deaf.

10 Members of US Congress write to Trump ::

It is good to see that some members of Congress have decided to do something about it. Ahead of the meeting of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan with President Donald Trump, 10 members of the United States Congress have written to President Trump, urging him to press Imran Khan to take strong measures to combat this cruel and horrific rape/ conversion.

Pinpointing the lack of Social justice in the Sindh province, they wrote “Nowhere is the failure more evident than in Sindh province, which has continued to suffer from numerous economic and social injustices, often at the hands of the Pakistani Government.”

They continue to point out the forced kidnappings and conversions of Hindu and Christian girls with the support of the State. Their numbers match the observations made by Dr. Omendra Ratnu in his interview to PGurus that at least 3 girls were being raped and forcibly converted every day in Sindh province alone. The letter is signed by Brad Sherman, Ann Wagner, Adam B Schiff, Jan Schakosky, Eleanor H Norton, Carolyn B Maloney, David E Price, Juan Vargas, David Schweikert, Dan Crenshaw.

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