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India's Congress party leader hails Pakistan for its dialogue policy to resolve issues

Indian Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyer has hailed Pakistan for seeking to resolve issues with India through dialogue, saying that New Delhi does not have this policy. “There is only one way of resolving India-Pakistan issues and that is by uninterrupted and un-interruptable dialogue,” Aiyer said at a session at Karachi Literature Festival here.

The Indian politician said that he is “proud” of Pakistan for having this policy, however, regretted its non-reciprocation by New Delhi.

“And I am very proud and half very sad that this sentence of these three words has been accepted as Pakistan policy, but has not been accepted as Indian policy.”

His words followed an applause from the audience.

Aiyer further stressed that Kashmir and terrorism are the two main issues that need to be dealt with.

He also said that both India and Pakistan should adopt a framework that was formulated by former president Pervez Musharraf’s government.

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