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India's AMCA 5th Gen Stealth Fighter Project could be completed in 2019

We recently contacted our source in HAL who is working with AMCA project, and we asked him about the comments made by ADA Chief recently about the timeline. He said that 2025 is the timeline given which is correct but what our “so-called’ journalists forgot to mention was that 2025 was not initial year but actually was the deadline given by MoD to ADA to make AMCA operational within the force. Though he said that AMCA’s Naval variant won’t come before 2025 (prototype). But the main AMCA variant which is meant for Air-Force is definitely coming in 2019 as a prototype for it’s first flight.

ADA modified the designs of AMCA which is the final design stage.

Now ADA-HAL is making 1:1 Model of AMCA for various tests related to stealthiness which would happen before the end of this year. This test will be the final procedure of AMCA before building it’s prototype which would start from 2018.

We also tried to get status of all component’s development and we succeeded. Here’s the update of AMCA’s component’s current status:

No.~ Item ~ Status~ Since~ ETA
1~ Design ~ Done~ 2008 ~ ~2017
2 ~Stealth ~ Done~ 2010 ~ ~ 2017
3 ~Composites ~Ongoing~ 2010 ~2017
4 ~Control ~Ongoing~ 2015 ~2018
5 ~Engine ~Ongoing~ 2017 ~2020
6 ~Avionics ~Ongoing~ 2013 ~2018
7 ~Equipment ~Ongoing~ 2013 ~2018
8 ~Radar ~Ongoing~ 2015 ~2019+
9 ~Sensors ~Ongoing~ 2015 ~2018
10 ~Cockpit ~Ongoing~ 2013-14 ~2018
11 ~EW & EC ~Ongoing~ 2013-14 ~2018

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