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Indian PM could meet Chinese President twice in back to back meetings in June

A newly elected Indian PM following May 23 poll results could meet Chinese President Xi Jinping twice in quick successions in June in what would be back to back meetings between the two leaders.

The newly elected PM is expected to meet Xi for a standalone meet for the first time in 2019 on the sidelines of SCO Summit in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) between June 14-15 in less than a month's time after poll results and subsequently in Osaka (Japan) between June 28-29 on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit.

While the third Russia-India-China Summit is also expected to be organised on the sidelines of G-20 Summit, Russian President Putin and Indian PM will have opportunity to meet for first time in standalone meetings in 2019 on the sidelines of the two summits.

But all eyes will be on Xi-Indian PM meet being held in the backdrop of China's decision to shield Masood Azhar despite mounting global pressure and the second edition of BRI Summit being boycotted by India.

China has warded off the issue of designating Masood Azhar under 1267 for three months. China then can have a second hold for another six months, after which a decision is mandatory. China will have to say "Yes" or "No" on Azhar designation issue after that. There are number of options that other UN Security Council members can apply in case of China's negative position including a vote. 14 out of 15 UN Security Council member states favour ban on Azhar under 1267 Sanctions Committee.

While SCO Summit will give the Indian PM opportunity to expand ties with Central Asia with which Delhi has launched a structured dialogue, the G-20 meet will enable the PM to meet President of USA, Indonesia, PMs of Japan, Australia, Singapore and South Korea besides Saudi Crown Prince among other leaders.

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