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India to Send Second Kilo Class Submarine to Russia for Refit in May

After waiting for years, Indian Navy has started the process to refit its Kilo-class submarine Sindhuraj at a cost of $ 208 million. Indian Navy has issued tender for sea transportation of a Kilo class Submarine from Visakhapatnam (India) to Severodvinsk in Russia on a transport dock ship during the time period 01 May to 15 June 2017. Indian Navy expects that refit will extend the life of the submarine for another decade.

“It is intended to commence loading of the submarine at Visakhapatnam, India between 01 May 17 and 15 Jun 17. The estimated transit time, via the Cape of Good Hope, weather permitting, under normal weather and sea state conditions, should not exceed 45 days,” reads Indian Navy document.

India has contracted Russia for refitting four of its nine kilo class submarines at cost worth approximately $800 million. Another Kilo class INS Sindhukesari is undergoing a similar refit process since last year. According to the agreement with Russian shipyard, Indian Navy will offload another two kilo-class submarine to L&T Katupalli shipyard in Tamil Nadu next month.

Indian Navy needs at least 24 submarines to maintain a Minimum Force Level but it has only about 13 boats. This year Indian navy expects two of its long-awaited Scorpene class submarine to be commissioned. Out of 13, half of the boats are used in restricted manner or not at optimum level and are kept as war reserves.

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