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Consequences of Stone Pelting around the World and India

Of the 192 countries in the world - 123 are proclaimed democracies.

Free dissent against the incumbent powers though, is tolerated in less than a dozen, among them - India is one such nation.

One can tweet a flip of the middle finger to the government, call the prime minister a coward and a psychopath- make open statements ridiculing the martyrs of the Indian Army - and even shout slogans against the unity of our nation or the judgement of supreme court- no problem (just do not make a cartoon about Didi…okay?).

All over the world…Stone pelting is bad. Stone pelting with an intent to cause grievous injury is a crime. Stone pelting with an intent to hurt an armed security officer on duty is suicide.

If you pelt a stone at an Israeli Soldier - They will identify you - Kill you - identify your house - respectfully request your family members to vacate - fill your empty house with concrete.

If you pelt a stone at a uniformed and armed US Marine on Duty - you won’t even live to say sorry to 3 generations of your family members who’d never know how bad the airline food really is - as they might all get listed on the no-fly list for good.

If you plan to pelt a stone on a Spetsnaz in Moscow - hope you have great cooking skills - because just in case you aren’t shot and killed immediately - you might have to spend the rest of your life being ‘useful’ to the lonely and bored soldiers of the Black Dolphin facility on the Kazak border.

And in case you plan to pelt a stone at a guard in the Tiananmen Square - hope you take your family into confidence, since it is they who would be suffering the most, while you are made to wait in a 4ft x 4ft x 4ft cell in one of the Chinese Organ Harvesting facilities, awaiting a patient that matches your blood type.

Your government will not just make a profit by selling your organs - they’ll also make your family pay for the operation and the subsequent funeral - after they freeze the bank accounts of your family members of course.

But we in India are a little different.
We are the only country in the world which even has a debate on this subject.

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