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When will India hit Pakistan? Here is what we know

India will seek revenge after it lost over 40 of its jawans in a ghastly act of terrorism at Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir. There are various options that officials at the highest levels have discussed.

Air strikes, a series of surgical strikes, an operation on the lines of Parakram, diplomatic pressure are some of the options that India has against Pakistan. In the wake of a war scare, Pakistan too has asked its army to remain on high alert. Further Pakistan has also asked hospitals to be prepared.

An operation on the lines of Parakram that was carried out following the Parliament attack was also discussed. However looking at the cost of such an operation, it may not be entirely feasible. Operation Parakram that involved a huge deployment along the border cost India nearly Rs 1,000 crore. The cost will be much higher if such an operation was carried out now.

In 2001-02, India had mobilised nearly 5 lakh troops. India had also moved ballistic missiles closer to the border. India was confident that this action would succeed as it had learnt through intelligence assessment that Pakistan was not well prepared.

The Armed forces have been given a free hand and it would respond to Pakistan at time and place of its closing. The respond would need to strong, yet measured and the solution would need to be a long lasting one. A top official in New Delhi tells OneIndia that there would action, without a doubt. The timing and the surprise element is key in such an operation, he also added. The official said that the action would also need to be quick. One could expect action sometime in March, the officer also added.

The Indian Air Force has already lined up several of its aircraft. Nearly 140 aircraft would be used for this operation and the chances of limited air strikes are not being ruled out.

The IAF has already said that it is ready and can strike at very short notice. However the IAF would act with caution and ensure that any such operation that is launched is a complete success. Air Chief Marshal B S Dhanoa said that the IAF would always be at the forefront in executing its missions. We are showcasing our ability to hit hard, hit fast and also hit with precision, during day, during night and hit under adverse weather conditions through our autonomous bombing capability, he also added.

Sources say that there would be military action, without a doubt. The pressure would not been upped only on the diplomatic and economic front, he also added. However, any action would have to be explored below the nuclear threshold, he also added.

Apart from the air strikes, India could also launch a limited ground offensive. This would be done with an intention of destroying terror camps on the Line of Control and also seek control of more position.

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