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‘They just changed date stamp’: India rubbishes Pak’s claim of thwarting submarine from entering its waters

Rubbishing Pakistan’s claim that it thwarted an attempt by an Indian submarine to enter its territorial waters, the government sources said the footage that Islamabad shared dated back to November 2016. “Pakistan’s claim of Indian submarine in their vicinity is false. It’s a video from November 2016. They have just changed the time and date stamp,” sources told The Indian Express.

In an official statement, the Indian Navy said it has noticed that Pakistan has been indulging in false propaganda and spread of misinformation over the past several days and insisted that its deployments remain undeterred.

The government sources’ response came hours after Pakistan Navy claimed that it was successful in “warding off” the Indian submarine from entering Pakistani waters. Pakistan Navy also shared a footage with the media, which it said was “actual”. The image showed that footage was made at 2035 hours on March 4.

“The Pakistan Navy used its specialised skills to ward off the submarine, successfully keeping it from entering Pakistani waters,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

Sources also said that India is reaching out to all members of United Nations and UNSC for the listing of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) chief Masood Azhar.

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